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Infant and Toddler

(6 wks – 3 yrs)

Our infant and toddler program emphasizes the importance of socializing and experiencing life in a broad and diverse community. Children ages 6 weeks to 2 years old learn to explore, discover, manipulate and absorb knowledge within a safe, caring and beautiful environment.

Children in our infant and toddler program learn how to interact with peers and adults. They have a chance to develop both fine motor skills (rolling a rug, spooning, pouring) in the classroom as well as gross motor skills (running, climbing, tossing and catching balls) during physical activity hour. They learn how to take care of themselves (wash and dry hands, serve snacks, take off and put on coat). Finally, they work on general learning development (accomplishing tasks in sequence, trying new activities, working in groups and independently) as well as develop their language skills.

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