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July Fun!

We have been having a lot of fun this July.  For this month, we are in weeks 4 – 8 of Summer Camp.  Last week was the 4th of July so our theme was Holidays.  We celebrated Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and 4th of July all in one week.  The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, wearing Halloween costumes, and a visit from Santa.  He even came bearing gifts.  What gift would Santa bring children on a hot day in July?  Popsicles!  They loved celebrating a new event each day.

Our summer activities for the month will include a visit to see the dinosaurs at the museum, a reptile show, a dance party, special guest dancers, a puppet show, a dinosaur dig, cooking, a movie, tie-dyed t-shirts, bicycle day, a bouncy house, painting and the annual MMDC Art Show. 

I also want to mention a special day that we will celebrate this month and it is Parent Appreciation Day.  We are so thankful for the parents of this daycare.  They have chosen to allow us to care for their children.  We are grateful for this opportunity and appreciate the trust they have placed in us.  Thank you MMDC parents!

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