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May Newsletter

“It is tremendously important that we should understand the spontaneous way in which the child develops himself. We are so anxious to help, to us it seems the burden of growth and development is so great that we must do all we can to make the pathway easy. And so our love may easily overreach itself and by providing too many urges, too many cautions and corrections.”

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

May Newsletter

Our theme this month is springtime, weather and Holidays in the month of May. Our lesson plans will focus on planting and growing, we will be doing many planting projects in our classrooms, the children will be also learning about spring weather and the life cycle of plants and animals.

In the Classroom:

*We will continue reading, and writing short vowel words with a beginning blend.

*We will be discussing and identifying verbs. We will discuss past, present and future tense verbs.

* We will focus on spacing, capitalization, punctuation and letter formation within our writing.

Weekly Theme:

Week-1: 5/3rd to 7th – Mother’s Day /National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 4th)

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)

Week-2: 5/10th to 14th–Flowers and Plants;

Week-3: 5/17th to 21st–Weather and Nature;

Week 4: 5/24th to 28th - Holidays and Special Days.

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