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March 2024

This has been a week of fun and festivities as we celebrated Dr. Seuss Week.  Each day we focused on one of his books and celebrated the day with an event honoring his work.  We had crazy hair day, hat day, wacky Wednesday, one fish, two fish day, as well as favorite book and pajama day.  We take this week each year to honor Dr. Seuss because his books have played an important role in the lives of young children for many years.  March 2nd is his birthday.  Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

March will be a month of celebration as we look forward to St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.  On March 15th we will have our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  The teachers are preparing classroom activities, and there will be many golden coins baring the lucky four leafed clover.    

On March 28th there will be several Easter egg hunts going on throughout the day.  We have around 300 eggs for the children to find.  There is even a golden egg! 

Friday, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  The large majority of our staff is women.  As we prepare to celebrate Women’s Day, I am proud of the women who enter our daycare every day, ready to be an educator and influence young lives.  These are women who have come through difficult times that have made them strong and courageous.  They love children and can see the best in what a child has to offer.  They give of their time and talents to make Montessori & Music Daycare Center an outstanding place to learn, grow, and develop.  I am grateful to work with such a wonderful staff.  Happy Women’s Day!

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