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December 2023

Here we are in the last month of 2023. It is unbelievable how fast this year has passed. We are busy with end of year and Christmas events. There is an excitement in the air because of Christmas. I spoke with Santa, and he is going to come make a visit at the daycare to see all of the children. This is an exciting time!

On December 15th, we will celebrate Ugly Sweater Day. Last year we even had several of the parents participate in the day. It was fun to see all of the ugly sweaters.

The Christmas Concert and Visit from Santa will take place on the 20th of December. The concert will be with the Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes, but Santa will visit all children in the daycare. I believe he is even going to bring some gifts for everyone.

One of the joys I have at this time of year is to watch the faces of the children as they walk up to the Christmas tree we have in the front area of the center. Their first reaction is to touch the Christmas balls and give some explanation of excitement. Their eyes light up as they see the lights and decorations. Christmas through the eyes of a child is exciting, hopeful and joyous. Exciting for what is to come, hopeful for what will be, and joyous for what is. Oh, to see Christmas through the eyes of a child!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to you!

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