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Montessori & Music Center Welcomes you to 2020-2021 school year

Updated: Dec 3, 2020


OPEN ENROLLMENT! Montessori and Music Daycare Center in Mundelein is off to a great school year full of exploring and learning.

The program emphasizes development in five key areas: intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative. Children in the program continue developing their motor, interaction and language skills. In addition, they are offered Science, Mathematics, Art, and Writing instruction.

We have a unique Music program which includes piano, drums and guitar. We also offer Gym, Martial Arts and Creative Art programs for all ages. If you are in the area please stop by and visit our spacious classrooms, and meet the teachers. We will be happy to show you around!

PRESCHOOL can be one of the most magical and exciting times in a child’s life, it also helps set the stage for Kindergarten and beyond.

It is in this classroom your child makes new friends, learns to trust the adults left in his/her care, they learn how to use the bathroom, self care, good eating habits and basic procedures of our daily routine.

Their bodies and minds are growing and children are constantly working on their fine motor skills and building their concentration and sense of order around age 3-4 years.

Our 4 years old will begin to hold a pencil and write his/her name, show interest in counting and learning the beginning sounds. The child learns about the world they live in and on a day to day basis makes discoveries and connections with the world.

We started with wonderful week in the class, the children missed their work routine and are enjoying counting and tracing.

MUSIC: We are fortunate to have music 3 times a week during our work morning in the music room with Mr Alex and the children enjoyed trying different and new instruments (Xylophone).

BOOKS WE READ: A Montessori book (My Peaceful Classroom) which tells the children page by page how our classroom works. Children love to read and lessons are sometimes reinforced through picture books.

BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: We offer homework help, music, nutrition snack and dinner, indoor/outdoor games, and art and crafts.

KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT: Independent reading, writing to communicate ideas, number knowledge, operations, measuring, and geometry, and using scientific method to study the world. This program is designed for 5 years old who completed Preschool program.



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