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February 2023

Do you know the history of St. Valentine’s Day? It started as a pagan holiday and over time grew into what we know today as a day where we express our love and affection toward others. I find it interesting to note that the earliest history of a Valentine was written in the form of a poem in 1415, by Charles, Duke of Orleans. He wrote the poem for his wife while he was imprisoned, after being captured during the Battle of Agincourt. Today, the poem can be found in London, at the British Library. Over time, Valentine’s Day has become commercialized and celebrated by spouses, sweethearts, family, and friends. Here at Montessori & Music Daycare Center, we are no exception. We will be celebrating the day with the children as they bring valentines to share with each other and celebrate their friendships. This will be a fun day for everyone!

February is Black History month, and we are grateful for the many men and women who have dedicated their lives for advocacy and sacrifice on behalf of mankind. February 2nd will be Groundhog Day and we will determine if we will have six more weeks of winter. National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 3rd, in recognition of Women’s Heart Health. On Friday, February 10th, in anticipation of the Super Bowl, we will wear our favorite jersey to school. On the 14th of February each class will celebrate Valentine’s Day. The children enjoy sharing valentines with each other, and of course, they love the party that follows! Finally, we will end the month of February by learning about President’s Day. It is our goal to introduce the children to various days of celebration as well as events marked in history.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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