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Daily Activities at MMDC

Daily in the class we see older children taking the initiative to learn; we see children beginning to read, leaders arise in the class and then we get to sing and dance in Music with Mr Alex; we exercise both sides of our brain and with our performances see children take to the stage and really become comfortable and confident singing and dancing. We are always surprised by the children that come forward to speak or do solo parts and we are thankful we have a place/school that offers a music program so our children get to experience it all. Thank you much for your support on our Fall Performances; the one thing we did not mention is how excited the children were to see parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends come out and support them. With fall colored clothing, face painting, singing and dancing the children felt confident as cowboys, cowgirls and leaves singing their songs on the farm;) We are so proud of every boy and girl, what a sweet show it was! Our first field trip to the PUMPKIN FARM was fun and colorful (beautiful leaves outside), the children enjoyed playing in the pumpkin play land and exploring the pumpkin farm. We learn about the life cycle of the pumpkin in class and seeing that many pumpkins, different colors, shapes and sizes definitely adds to the children’s learning experience.

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