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Happy Fall!

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Happy Fall from the Primary classroom!

We have had some busy months meeting our new friends and getting reacquainted with our old students. Since the beginning of the school year, we have been focusing on being respectful to each other and to nature. This week we have carved the pumpkin and learned what is inside.

Circle time is the time of the day when we all interact as a group. In the beginning of the week, each child is encouraged to share their weekend news. This helps to develop self-esteem, language and storytelling skills. Every day, children get involved in discussions concerning the calendar, the weather and the important events of the month. Demonstrations of new materials are also part of our morning line time.

The children are enjoying music and gym every day.

We are planning to have a show for the children on Friday October 30th. The children are welcome to wear the costumes, and bring some little presents for the friends – stickers, pencils, erasers, and etc. No candy or sweets please. Parents will not be invited due to covid-19. We will take pictures and will send them to you.

The new children are adapting well to the environment and learning new materials. The older children are always eager to help the younger ones. We are very happy to see how fast the children have learned and how much they enjoy working with the materials.

We are introducing the “Show and Tell” activity. We encourage the children to bring their favorite things to share with their friends every Monday. Starting Monday, October 19th the teachers will let you know whose turn it is.

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