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May 2023 - We Love Our Teachers!

We Appreciate Our Teachers!

We are celebrating Teacher Appreciation week May 1-5. While we are giving the parents the opportunity to express their appreciation toward the teachers, I must also express my gratitude toward each of them for the tireless effort they put forth each day to care for and educate the children in our program.

Just saying thank you is not sufficient. The teachers put much time and energy into preparing the classroom and teaching each child. Montessori schools let the child learn independently, but the teachers are there to assist them when needing direction. That guidance may range from introducing a new math concept to a child, to showing them how to run through the obstacle course in gym, to comforting a sick child, to working with them on potty training, helping them take their first steps, how to drink out of a cup or hold a spoon, how to correctly hold a pencil, how to count and know their ABC's, to instructing them not to flush paper towels down the toilet. What I am saying is that these teachers are ready each day to take on whatever comes their way. I am very proud of our teaching staff. It is a pleasure to work with them daily, and I want to say a big thank you to Mr. Alex, Ms. Daniela, Ms. Oksana, Ms. Tetiana, Ms. Yadira, Ms. Oleksandra, Ms. Viktorija, Ms. Vira, Ms. Halyna, Ms. Magda, Ms. Nata, Ms. Iryna, Ms. Karla, Ms. Valeriia, Ms. Alondra, Ms. Iryna, Ms. Valentyna, Ms. Yuliia, Ms. Marina, Ms. Natalya, and Ms. Svetlana.

Another important event in the month of May is Mother’s Day, May 14th. In the Primary 1 & 2 classes, we always celebrate our mothers by hosting Muffins with Mom on the Friday before Mother’s Day and the children will enjoy singing and sharing a muffin with their mom.

May 29th – Memorial Day: During the American Civil War, early tradition was that the graves of the fallen soldiers would be decorated with flowers, and it was referred to as Decoration Day. Many places still practice this tradition of placing flowers, wreaths, and flags on the graves of the fallen from all U.S. wars. It is a day of remembrance of the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in giving up their life in service to our country.

We are grateful for the men and women who have fought for our country.

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