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September 2023

We ended the month of August celebrating Maria Montessori’s birthday. She founded the first Montessori School in Rome on January 6, 1907. Montessori schools today are known around the world in countries such as Mexico, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, India, Thailand, Tanzania, and many more. When I look at the student population at Montessori & Music, I see such a diverse culture. We have families representing many nations and many cultures. It is such a pleasure to work with families and teaching staff from around the world!

September started with us celebrating Grandparents Day. We like to honor our grandparents each year in a time of singing and having cookies and milk. The children enjoy showing off their classroom and artwork. Thank you, grandparents for being a vital part of these young lives.

The children are all getting settled into new classes, new teachers, and new friends. They have a little apprehension as they learn new routines, but soon start to feel comfortable in what has become the norm in the next step in their early childhood journey. It is fun watching these children grow and develop in these early years. Part of the reason why I enjoy working in early childhood education is because I love to see the curiosity on their faces as they discover and learn. It is also fun to talk to them and listen as their young minds create such wonderful stories. I will never get tired of talking to young children!

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