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Interested? We are currently accepting applications for our toddler, infant, preschool and summer programs. We would love to answer all of your questions over the phone (847) 566 - 7778 , or give you a tour of our wonderful school.Please feel free to call us at (847) 566 - 7778, or use our contact page to send us a note.

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The Montessori method emphasizes independence and respect for each child's individual development. Compared to traditional schools, Montessori schools tend to give children more freedom in their choice of activities. Read more

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We have one of the newest and most spacious daycares in Mundelein. Our premises feature bright and sizeable classrooms with individual bathrooms, designated music and art rooms, two playgrounds (indoor and outdoor), a gymnasium, a playroom, and a kitchen serving hot meals. Come for a tour to witness it for yourself! Read more


Montessori and Music Center is an authentic Montessori School offering programs for students from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Our unique curriculum combines the Montessori Method with music education to provide a truly holistic learning experience. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, conveniently located at the heart of Mundelein, IL. We attract families from all of the Northwest Suburbs including Lake and Northern Cook Counties.


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My daughter started going here this past Monday 8/1/2011…At first I thought she wouldn’t like since she’s always been watched by my mother. But surely by the third day she was doing great on her own. Started socializing and being creative on her own. Also having a lot more patient for things then before. Thanks to this school, my daughter is improving a lot. She doesn’t even cry for her Tita (my mother) the way she did before. Even though she is 3 now it’s never too early to have them learn great things…In the end they are the one that will benefit from the great programs that this school has to offer. Thank you =)

Audry Bacon

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